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ok let me start by saying, it doesn't even feel like 2021 happened, but here we are... october 2021 and soon it'll be 2022 - wow. anyone else feeling the same??

it's been all systems go for the last quarter and it's been a rollercoaster that's for sure.. with 4 different capsules in production it's been hectic to say the least - but what makes it even better (not actually, just more stress) is they are all arriving literally in the same week - so this is my current mood lol.. but in all seriousness I am remaining grateful for the process

seriously though, you gotta laugh - what nobody tells you about having your own clothing line, is the amount of patience you need to have, especially in the very instant world we live in - most of the time things are out of your hands which is hard to grasp, trust me🙈 delivery dates being delayed is one of the major obstacles I'm faced with... and that's just one. lol.

the waiting game is a serious one though; quotes, samples, swatches, production and shipping - it's all up to the supplier so even though you may respond asap, doesn't mean they will - it's like you're sitting on a really fast jet-ski and all you wanna do is press that throttle and go have some fun but the jet-ski is out of fuel and the person coming to the rescue with some fuel is taking their sweet time - then when the fuel finally arrives, you gotta wait for the tank to fill up, so for me this would be sorting though the inventory and making sure it's all good to go before launching into the world✨

so, to get into the nitty gritty of it all - let's kick things off with the first collection, which was actually meant to already be here - the midnight dreamer capsule of Stella Pants - from situations beyond my control, these will be ready to ship in the first week of November - seriously I feel like it's been forever and a day waiting on this drop and I do apologise for the delay - but it'll be here soon👀

then we have the new JOJAX pieces - these take less time to produce (blessed be the fruit - iykyk) so we will be launching this new capsule in October (yay) - stay tuned to our instagram because we have some fresh content coming before launching this weekend.

new TRUMAN is on route - we've got some new colours in a new style tee which I am super excited to launch plus a new sweatshirt just in time for the colder months✨ what's great about this drop is these styles are unisex, so bebesss, remember it's steal your boo's hoodie season😉 everything in this capsule is made from 100% organic cotton and is sourced from the UK, decreasing our carbon footprint, love that for us✨ this capsule is coming next month. 

the newest range to TRU is also coming around the same time, introducing TRUstreet which will include oversized, unisex styles with an island twist, ya know we gotta keep tingsss in tune with our island roots🇧🇧 we teased on socials, but this capsule will be launching in November too👀

that's all I can share at the moment, but I wanted to say a huge thank you to my OG #TRUPERS for all the kind messages that I receive. You guys make this brand what it is and I'm so grateful to have such a great community of amazing people who love TRU as much as I do✨

here's to the last run of 2021 - may the next few months be full of success, happiness and health - we got this!

love always, em. x

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