So some of you may know that I have made the decision to leave Barbados for a while to dedicate myself to growing TRU as a global brand.

I had a few days in London which was jam-packed thanks to some close family friends who I haven’t seen in years!! A special shout-out to Jeff, Lu and Alice - I had a BLAST exploring London in 6 days with you all. Among seeing many places, I got to take a look at the space for TRU’s next pop up shop which is happening 12th-25th August 2019 at BOXPARK, Shoreditch in London! I cannot express my excitement for this pop up because TRU won’t be alone, I’m teaming up with my fave, Samarah to bring a bit of Barbados to London! If you can make it be sure to come say hi!

I made some great connections in London that will hopefully transpire into some awesome outlets for TRU - so fingers crossed guysss!

So that was London…. Now I’m in Tel Aviv and I’m hoping to make some key connections here that will also transpire into more outlets for TRU - possibly even a pop up shop, who knows?! The sky’s the limit right?

My first week was filled with getting introduced to the culture, exploring new places, trying new foods and just breathing a new air - it’s been magical so far and I’m adjusting really well. My intention for the first week was a bit of work and a lot of exploring, which semi went as planned. I just find it extremely hard to switch off and disconnect, but ya girl is learning. That’s why I am yet to get a sim card here, I’m loving the ‘wifi only’ life, makes me live in the moment a bit more.

So here’s to a new adventure for me and for TRU and a special thank you to all those who are supporting me along my journey! I appreciate you so much!

Stay tuned to the instagram page for some sneak peeks at the new collection - I know I always say this, but it’s my favorite one yet!!

Love to all!

em. x

Emilee Troulan